Need some help?

We can help. Fellowship Funding Foundation has been established to offer support for people in recovery. We understand the challenges you’re facing, and we realize that you might need a little assistance to ease your recovery efforts.

Every alcoholic or drug addict’s bottom is different. Many are homeless and/or unemployed. Many have a job, but no phone or vehicle. Still others may have most of what they need, but must purchase a new wardrobe due to the requirements of a new job. Perhaps you have a car, but it suddenly needs repair, and you simply don’t have the funds to repair it. Food, toiletries, towels, beds and bedding, and bathroom supplies are just a few examples of these expenses. Any number of expenses that most people take for granted could be listed here.

We want to help, and have committed that 100% of the donations, monetary or otherwise, will be awarded to people in a recovery program that have come upon hard times. If you feel you qualify, please complete the form below, and someone from Fellowship Funding will contact you.

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We want to help!